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Problems with 97 LaCrosse


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It will not stay running. The engine dies. Whether the gas pedal is compressed or not, doesn't matter. It dies.
It cranks and, if it runs for a few seconds, it flattens out and dies.
There is gas in the gas tank.

Any ideas?


I have one idea: you're experiencing some sort of dream or fantasy-like state?

It's a '97 LaCrosse, according to you... yet the LaCrosse didn't make its debut until 8 model years later.


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Fuel Pump Resistor

Maybe we are talking about a 97 Regal? There is a part called the fuel pump resistor on the Regals. When it goes, it will do what you're experiencing. I believe it is behind one of the headlights. For more info, check www.regalgs.org I remember reading about this. Check into it.
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