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Question about tire losing air but only to a certain amount


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Hey all .. this goes back to my somewhat related post where my TPMS sensors were registered "wrong" .. meaning the tire on the display that said it was low was not the right tire that really was low .. seemingly because they were registered wrong. Well, ever since I had a tire rotation with oil change its been correct, but brings me to a related problem.

The same tire that initially made me notice the whole TPMS problem in the first place is now "acting up" again, even though it's now the driver rear instead of driver front.

Here's what seems weird .. at least to me anyway .. although I am admittedly not very mechanically inclined. I'm a computer geek so the mechanical stuff tends to elude me.

The tire will go low after 2-3 weeks ... but it only goes low to a certain amount. For example, it may be inflated or re-inflated to like 35 degrees ... but when it decides to go low, it'll dip to 28/27/26 .... but it never goes any lower than that. I can get the warning on my way to work, showing it's at like 28 ... but it'll sit here in a parking lot all day and when I go back out, it's still only 28, no lower. So if it was a leak, even a slow one, like in a valve stem or something, I'd expect it to keep going lower... but it never does.

Full disclosure, I have not yet brought it to a "tire store" or dealer or anything, but just wondering if any of you had similar experience. What would make the tire dip lower, but not below a certain amount. Also, it's not just temp change. I am in Chicago area so tires certainly do drop when it gets colder out, but this one tire drops consistently more than all the rest of them.

Happy to hear any thoughts / insights.



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I would put few pounds more then other tires and see if it still goes down...
Then take to dealer see if foam is loose or slow leak in tire or rim....maybe sensor is out of spec.


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Sometimes the rim leaks where the bead seals. That kind of leak can be somewhat inconsistent depending on tire position and/or psi. Tire pressure will go up as you drive because the tires heat up and the air inside them expands. Depending on how long a trip you take, if you take a tire pressure reading right after driving the car, it should be higher, and a few hours later, the pressure should be less because the tires have cooled while sitting. That is normal. I would also check that the valves are tight in the valve stem.
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