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Radio Question [2004 Buick LeSabre Custom]


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Hi everyone, I searched through the forum a couple pages and couldn't find this exact question, so I apologise if this has indeed been asked previously. I also apologise if I use terms improperly; I'm not much of a knowledgeable car person to any degree other than 'key go in hole, turn key, car [hopefully] go'.

I recently purchased a 2004 Buick LeSabre Custom. My only gripe is that it doesn't have a cassette player, which is an issue as I used a cassette adapter to listen to music from my phone using the car's speakers in my previous 1999 Buick LeSabre. I don't care to upgrade the stock radio in the 2004 to an aftermarket one [nor do I want to sink in the money for all the cables and adapters to ensure the chimes and steering wheel buttons, etc function].

So! My question is this - can I purchase a stock/original radio from a 2004 Buick LeSabre Limited, which has the cassette player, and compatibly put it in my Custom and have everything work 100%? Would there be any issues with this? Would all the cables and so on match up so the chimes/steering wheel controls/etc all function as they should and the cassette player would work? Would I need to purchase anything else other than the radio, like cables? If anything extra is required, does anyone have a guess on the cost?


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You can use a radio from an '04 - '05 (maybe an '03 if it doesn't have the orange lettered Band, CD/TAPE, EQ buttons) LeSabre ONLY (unique interconnect), to do what you want, but it will need to have the internal VIN changed (i.e. with a GM Tech 2 at a dealer or equivalent aftermarket). It will display "LOCKED" the first time the ignition is turned on. You can test a unit by only turning the ignition to Accessory. The battery will need to be disconnected once "LOCKED" is displayed to use the Accessory test function again.

I've done a lot with this particular radio;

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Short answer: it should.

Long answer: There is only one harness connector listed for 2004, so the Limited radio should plug right in. There are two other considerations that may affect compatibility, OnStar and a remote amplifier. As for OnStar, make sure the donor car had it if yours does. As for the remote amplifier I can't say if that was an option, maybe someone else on here can speak to that.


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moonscrubs said:
...2004 Buick LeSabre Limited, which has the cassette player...
What's a "cassette"? :blink: Sounds like something old and inferior to CDs... :p

I'm just poking a little fun!

Actually, I just wanted to chime in that the Custom I bought (same year) has the premium limited radio head with Cd and cassette (which I'll never use) and front side panel speakers (idk what those are called) that come on Mach systems in Fords. Except it sounds a lot better. So, I am thinking it is very possible to do, but not sure if you can get the steering wheel buttons like mine has or not.
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