Rear LED signal and brake light bulbs


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I looked into replacing rear signal filament bulbs on our 2018 Lacrosse and for the heck of it purchased a pair of LEDs at a local parts store after one burned out. Replaced it and I had the hyperflash problem and left signal light error on my dash., so replaced it with a filament type.

Not to be denied from my quest for LEDs to match the tailights I Isearched on E-Bay and found a canbus error free pair and just installed them and have no error message and no hyperflash. They are much brighter and when lit the little LED spots are visible through the lens. I don't know how long they will last (description says 10,000 hours) but I recommend them for now. I am not sure if they fit others years as they are longer than the stock bulbs but fit the 2018.
Here is the link:
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