Rear suspension too stiff on 2004 Buick LeSabre

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Yesterday I noticed that all of a sudden the rear suspension on my Buick LeSabre was too stiff and very rough going down the road. I believe that my rear shocks are filled with too much air. What would cause the compressor to all of a sudden fill the shocks up with too much air? What would be the problem here?
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If it's below freezing the pump air exhaust may be frozen and has no way of leveling. If you can get it in a warm garage or the temperature changes it will melt and start working normally. The pump may have a short, online videos for the repair. The wiring harness has a short. The level control is bad or has a short.

Here's addtional information and the fuses to check.
Buick LeSabre: Which fuse and fuse box do i check auto-leveling…
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