Rear View Mirror Wiring.


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I just got a new toy that i want to wire to the rear view mirror.

Here is the problem.

This is a plug from my mirror. I guessed on what the ground is, and i checked current from ground to avery other wire. There are two wires that seem to have power. One is the big thick white wire, and the other is just a little pink wire. I think the ticker white one is the main power. I couldn't check the voltage drop because i didn't have a load to check it accross, but i did check the current (16A - supprised i didn't burn something out doing that)

I don't want to return the current through the ground, so i was wondering, How do i find out what is the common wire.

The second option and probably little easyer is to wire it to the sunroof. Problem is if i rip that cover off with the cabin lights and sunroof switch, i don't know if i'll break the clips - then i'm in reall trouble.

The car in question is 2005 Buick Allure.
Thanks for your help