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I'm trying to diagnose the recirculate on my '02 base model and I think the recirculate door may not be working. I don't see any way to test the door in operation while visibly inspecting it since it's above the passenger side junction/fuse box.

Pressing the recirculate button does nothing (aside from beep and turn the light on at the climate controls). There's no change in sound or smell from the air coming out of the vents. My '01 Ultra gets louder inside with the recirculate on, just like every other car I've ever owned did. Based on how cold the A/C is when it's hot out (comparing to the '01, again) I suspect the door is jammed in the recirculate position.

I have one of those flexible inspection cameras with the light on the end, and I was thinking about maybe feeding that through from either the exterior air intake, interior air intake, or the feed to the rest of the system. But I'm not sure where those are located. I'd like to try operating it when I can see what it's doing, so if anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to that too.

TIA for any help anyone can provide!


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On older models, the vent led to an opening in the plastic housing at the base of the windshield on the passenger side (not sure if this is still true for your year, as the older models didn't have a cabin air filter, but yours looks like it does. The actuator is above the blower motor control module, you may be able to see it better if you can flip the glove box outwards and down.


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System diagrams.
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