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One of the auto parts stores lists two sizes for the replacement Dayco belt for my 03 leSabre.

One belt is 92.3 inch long and the other is 92.5 in. Other stores list the 92.5 length. The part numbers are 5060923 and 5060925.

Is there any reason to go with one or the other? 0.2 inch is not much.

I heard my belt slipping with a squeaking under load on a hot compressor at idle and checked again and the length marks on the tensioner are at max. I guess the belt has been on there 90k miles? I couldn't find where I noted the replacement.


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Including Dayco, it looks like you have several options between 92.520" and 93.125". I prefer Goodyear Gatorback for longevity and quietness.

93 DAYCO Part # 50609 Serpentine Belt; Effective Length 92.52 / Top Width .82 / No of Ribs 6 / Thickness 0.169
Main Drive

ACDELCO Part # 6K926 {#88932785} Automotive V-Ribbed Belt (Standard); K06 13/16" x 93 1/8"

GATES Part # K060926 {#25060926, 6K926, K9266} Micro-V AT Premium OE V-Ribbed Belt; K06 13/16" x 93 1/8" One of our most popular parts Serpentine Belt AUTOMOTIVE V-RIBBED BELT (STANDARD); CUSTOM

GOODYEAR Part # 4060926 Gatorback; Poly-V; 6 Ribs / Effective Length 93" / Outside Length 93.75" Poly-V; Accessory Drive
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