Replacement part options for 94 Regal Custom 4 Door?


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1994 Buick Regal Custom 3.1 L V6 (L82)
So currently I only have one door with a working handle to get inside. I have to first open the driver's side rear door then reach in and open the driver's door from the inside. It appears that the latch is broken for the driver's door and needs to be replaced, and is also broken on both passenger side doors. Where can I find the parts? I know the junk yard is an option, but what about some others?

Also, the radio is quite old and I was wondering what aftermarket replacements could work for this car. The size of the old one is only about 4 inches wide and most of the aftermarket setups are much wider than this. Would the only option be a custom made mounting bracket and/or cutting a space for it?

Thanks in advance!


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On the radio check Crutchfield you can find one that will fit in the stock position.

You may want to check the doors first before getting parts unless you know for sure what is wrong. On some it's only a internal rod that may have come off, Dorman has replacement parts. Online shops have replacement handles, some other components are also available but you will need to know what it is required as not all the parts may be in a single source.
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