Reporgram Key Fob issue


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2015 Buick Verano
Hi All- I wanted to share my experience with programming a key fob as I could not find a similar problem and solution when I searched online.

The background story is my wife bought a used 2015 Verano with 3 fobs. Only one worked properly. While all 3 had the keys cut only one would start the car, let down windows, etc. I followed directions in manual for reprogramming.

I am fairly sure that at some point I used the original and went down the path that reprogrammed ALL keys. I went this route because I put the original working fob in the door and erased the car recognition. I could not start the vehicle with the key at this point. None of the fobs…

This process took some time with long delays where it appeared nothing was happening in the DIC. However, after 30 min to an hour, all 3 fobs were programmed. The car would start with the original fob. Once. At this point all 3 fobs would: Open and Lock doors, Open trunk, Remote start the vehicle. None of them would allow me to start the car by hitting the Start/Stop button inside the car, Start the car with fob in the “Pocket”, or put the car in gear after remote starting the vehicle. I tried each fob separately, and then separated by 10m distance individually all without success.

The fix was turning the steering wheel. The wheels were not dead straight. I put some pressure on the steering wheel aligned the tires and it started right up. All 3 fobs worked correctly. Try this if your key fob will work but not start car after reprogramming.
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