Ridiculous G35...wasted


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So I am driving north on I-69, when I notice a blue Infiniti G35 in my rearview. I see it has ground effects, and what looks to be those stupid cambered tires. I move to the right lane and my suspicions are confirmed. It's a ridiculous looking G35 with giant rims, cambered out (I hate that look, not to mention the damage it does to a cars tires/ride quality/overall safety), big twin exhaust, tinted black windows...so I give it some gas and pull away. I then see him coming fast in my mirror, trying for the "slingshot" (cheating in my book). I caught this in time and gassed it. He stopped growing larger in my mirrors, and then slowly grew smaller. My first real kill on the highway. Only got to about 100 before backing off. But he pulled off at the next exit, and I noticed his cheesy vanity plate. Nice win, the GS on the highway can really pull hard.
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