Roadmaster Leftovers

I've found some remnants of my Roadmaster ownership .. I miss her.

Anyway, I have a rear window brakelight and a box of daily driver Buick Rally Wheel Center Caps.

I doubt there is much salvageable from the brakelight in the way of electrical contact as rust has taken its toll, but the lens and the interior parts are in perfect condition. I don't want to throw it out as these parts are hard to find.

The Rally Wheel center caps are the Big Buick style .. not the Skylark tri-shield type. Here's a pic of the type ... not one of my centers but a reference pic:

I'm not wanting anything for the rear brake light .. it's yours for shipping cost. The center caps, and there are 12 of them, I'm asking $50 for them. Not perfect ... daily driver stuff. I bought them as a bulk deal to get a nice set of 4 for my RMW.

Buy the caps and the rear light is yours if you want it. if I still have it.
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