Roadmaster power antenna


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Central Texas
I have been repairing Delco power antenna for some time and recently was sent a Roadmaster antenna.
I quickly discovered it was different than the other Delco units.
Most GM power antenna have 3 moving mast sections.... however the Roadmaster has 4 shorter mast sections.
I found some info that indicates that the similar Chevy Caprice used the same power antenna... the reason seems to be limited space in the fender forced them to change the mast design.

Can you confirm the above and does anyone have access to good used mast sections.
The one I need is the bottom moving section... it is 9 1/8 long and .330 in diameter. The attached picture shows the bad section.... the longer mast below is from a 1990 Cadillac. CAPRICE4PIECE.jpg That will fix this antenna
but I would like to have a source should I get more to repair.

Ps.... I can repair these antenna if the moving mast sections are not broken or kinked. I replace the plastic cord with a steel cable that is plastic coated.... the cord will never break.
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