Sellers Auto Sport Technology Package for your 2011+ Regal!


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For $199 you get the following for your 2011+ Regal, this is currently available as a drive in service however ship in service may be coming soon.

-Changes instant fuel economy to the switching style between gal/h and mpg. – Available on all Regal Trim Levels, not applicable to early build Regals.

-Adds new SPEED LIMIT gauge to Trip/Fuel menu. Using speed limit data fed by the Navigation unit the IPC now displays the speed limit for the road you are on the top half of the screen while showing the direction and speed limit of an exit (if applicable) – available only with Navigation.
- Adds MANY new readouts to the vehicle information menu – Volt Meter, Coolant Temperature, transmission fluid temperature. Available on all Regal trim Levels.
- Adds Programmable Overspeed Indicator. Allows the driver to program a preset speed on the DIC that when exceeded will notify the driver. – Available on all Regal Trim Levels
-Adds completely new performance menu including speed timer that will do tests from any speed to any speed IE 0-60 or 60-0 or even 60-80. Menu also includes a bar graph style coolant and battery gauge as well as a lap timer. – Available on all Regal Trim Levels.
-Turbo Boost gauge – Shows boost pressure as a % of max boost as well as wastegate duty cycle in %. – Available only on Turbo Regals.
-Window Roll Down – Allows driver to roll all four windows down by pressing and holding the unlock button on the keyfob. Also allows windows to be vented by pressing the unlock button again while windows are moving. – Available on all Regal Trim Levels. Roll up is available by request only on the front windows only.

Passive Door Lock - For 2012+ Regal with passive entry, allows the passive system to work as it should without ever having to press a button or the pad on the door. Simply walk away form the vehicle to lock it. Configurable with three options in the customization menu: Off, On, On with Active Chirp. The latter chirps the horn when the vehicle locks.


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Could this be done the same way the Trifecta tune is done for the Technology options? I understand the remote start b/c of the pedal relearn but I could see this getting more sales since a customer can flash themselves.


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Any more info on this? Some of this stuff should have been included with the dang car...I mean it wouldn't have cost Buick anything to enable some of these functions I would think.

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