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Service airbag


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2013 verano premium
I have a 2013 verano premium. Out of the nowhere my service airbag light would come on if I had a passenger in the passenger seat. Now the light stays on all the time. If you wiggle around or adjust yourself in the passenger seat the light may come on and off over and over again alerting the driver. Is there a sensor in the seat that I can just change myself or is this something that needs to be done by the dealer?


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2013 Verano Premium (2.0T, AT)
I am sure there is a sensor in the seat.
I know it is used to activate the seat belt warning chime if the passenger does not have their seat belt on.
Probably safe to say it is also tied into the air bag system.
Beyond that, I'm not sure if it is something that is serviceable by the owner.


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Passengers seat, Item #3 is the sensor in the diagram, which would more than likely require removing the seat and then disassemble buttom cushion, note #4 is the heater element if equipped. You may want to check the harness and connections prior to removal, check if they clean, tightly connected and the harness has no damage.
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