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I just had my 01 Park Avenue serviced. It would not start. Had it towed to long time mechanic. replaced coil, wire spark plugs and computer board/ $626. Just had 4 new tries put on, replaced struts and brakes in November. I picked up car and noticed temperature gauge would not work. It had dropped to lowest point and could not get past the stopper. I took car back immediately and mechanic looked at it and said he would call me. Today, driving home, SES light came on for no reason. Once again, I am in a panic. I am a widow and I feel like I am being taken advantage of with these car mechanics. Anyone have any ideas why this light is on? It has 120,000 mi

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Many auto parts stores such as Autozone will hook up a scan tool and give you the code concerning your SES light. This is a free service. If you want to post the code, we will help you figure this out.


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Sorry to hear this. Get another mechanic. He is just doing some easy stuff. The SES light doesn't come on for no reason, it is a warning. It stores a code in the computer and with this code we will be able to tell what to check.
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