Shop Manuals for '99 Century, shipping only


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My 1999 Century blew a head gasket just before an 1,800 mile move, so I had to get rid of her. I still have the shop manuals and will sell the three volume set for the cost of shipping to someone who can use it, $15 for three big volumes.


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1999 Buick Century
I am interested sittnick. I have been working on this 99' Century with 139k since I bought it a month ago. Blown brake lines, new tires, a/c charged, coolant flush and new water pump, and the infamous weather seal below the air filter, allowing water to puddle up on the passenger floorboard. Fresh oil/filter and she's running great. I do have a couple emissions codes that pop up once a week or so and the exhaust sounds like a stock car, so that is my next battle, and finding the short in my radio wiring that keeps kicking the rear speakers on/off. Still only have about $1100 into it total though so I'm not complaining. I'm located in Hanna City, IL so let me know how you would like to set this up? Could DEFINITELY use the manuals. Thanks!