Smoke coming from steering column 95 Riviera!!!

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95 Riviera
I need some serious help hear guys/gals..
I have owned this 1995 Riviera since 2003.
I have put more money in it than it's worth so I'm really wanting to attempt to keep it for one of my boys, however it's unsafe to drive. The horn quite working, the multi-lever for turn signal quite working along with hazards. The only brake light currently working is the rear third brake light. Hopefully someone hear knows of any of the Buick multi levers that will fit this car as I'm not finding a part for this year. This is keeping the car of the road. Maybe there is a procedure written up for it and campatible levers that can work, thanks


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your title says "smoke coming from steering column" and then make no further mention of it in your post. Did you find the wire harness that was burning?


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If there is smoke coming from the column, it usually means shorted wiring. Check your fuses, under the rear seat, on the driver's side instrument panel (side), and under the hood.

If you want to diagnose and work on your car, you must have the factory service manual. Without it, you have no hope of figuring out what is wrong. It's just that simple. Fortunately, you can find them on Ebay fairly easily.

Factory 2 Book Set Aurora Riviera Service Shop Repair Manual OEM 1995 | eBay


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I had the same thing happen in a 92' LeSabre. Smoke/ something burning in the steering wheel.

This was about 15 years ago so I don't remember exactly what I replaced :unsure:

I think something to do with the turn signal cam springs ? one of them broke and the little broken piece was touching 2 wires ?

Wish I could remember exactly what I did. sorry.
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