Sorry If A Newb Question...What Interchanges From Sonic, Cruze, Trax, ETC. To the 2015 Encore

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Just thought I'd get my first post out the way. Picked up a 2015 Encore Base with less than 25K on the odo.

Looking around at doing some suspension mods, exhaust, intake, and generally look out there to see what is compatible with what.

Any information would be great!!
Buick Ownership
The tumblers purpose is to create better fuel atomization (efficiency) with the port injected engine by inducing turbulence in the airflow. This improves low end power/response.

When porting motorcycle engines we always bead blasted the intake ports to create a rough surface for this same purpose. Conversely, we polished the exhaust ports.

Net result for "removing the tumbers" would be a gain in flow at higher rpm and top end power.

This would be at the cost of low end power delivery, efficiency, throttle response and drivability.

Referring to modifications to get higher peak horsepower - my best friend, who has 45 years experience as a master technician, once said this to me, "people focus so much on peak HP, but a loss of HP across several thousand rpm is *not* a gain...."

My reason for posting this is to let you know what you will be trading off if you decide to do this mod.

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