Sound problem?


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Hi guys! I bought a new Buick 2014 and I am not sure if it is my USB cord or a speaker problem but the music cuts out a lot especially with USB. I get this every now and then using XM but also some times I hear a crack. Does that make sense to anyone? What can this mean? Is it a problem or just maybe the connection my iphone? I also run the Waze app a lot since I commute. I am not sure if this could be it too. I wanted to see if anyone else has this problem. Thanks!


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My guess is that it’s in the Radio/Head Unit.

Soooooo much is built into the Head Unit anymore these days….

“If” it were a Speaker, then you’d think it would only be limited to one area of the car – not all speakers at the same time. “IF” it were your USB port then I wouldn’t think it would also be affecting your XM.

We had a Left Front speaker out when we bought the car (noticed on the way home) – though they went to the Speaker first… ended up being the Radio/Head Unit that needed replaced.

Sounds like a trip to the Dealer
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