Sporadic Idle

Bucky Wilson

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Hello, my dad owns a 1998 Park Ave and he doesn't know what to do so in trying to help. The idle after he gasses it up is weird for 30 seconds or so and that's normal for this car before it finally starts idling normally. However, it is now idling and driving and putting around like it's about to run out of gas or stall out. He has replaced the idle air control valve with no luck. Has dumped seafoam and a new gas cap and no luck. Anybody have any ideas or similar issues in the past? Thanks much



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It's a little hard as it could be a number of things not related to filling up, but parts tossing isn't really a good idea until it can be limited to either air, fuel or spark. Has it ever been scanned for CEL codes or stored codes? Cheap things may be to clean the MAF, fuel filter, air filter, check for vacuum leaks, wire and plugs, bad gas, purge valve, etc. But no maintenance history, milage or being on site it's best guessing sometimes. Maybe someone on the forum has had this problem and a answer.


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As 2007LucenrceCXL has already stated scan for codes.
The rough running after fill up, assuming you do not force more gasoline into the tank after the pump shuts off, is indicative of an issue with the evaporative control system.