Stuck in park..BCM?


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My 06 Lucerne CSX with 67k stuck in park 3 nights ago.

I disconnected the cabin linkage from the trans linkage under the hood and was able to shift it that way.

Dove it to the dealer 2 days ago and dealer was stumped for 2 days.

Now he tells me the BCM is shorted (he does not know how or why).. and the Shifter may be shorted too which may have caused the BCM to short.

He wants to replace both on my dime to the tune of $1100 plus.

The car was well maintined, regular fluids filters brakes etc. It was never hit nor wet, nor even worked on other than the same dealer who "fixed" the inooperative heated and cooled seats 3 times which never worked since. I have no other BCM related issues...just a stuck shifter.

Before I drop $1100 on a $40k car with 67k miles and have it stick in park again before I leave the parking lot, can anyone tell me if the BCM has ANYTHING to do with the shifter?

What are my chances of having GM help with the repair?

Computers on a $40k car should last more than 67k miles, no?

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I have not had your issue, and while some dealers and GM can be fairly accommodating, I am not sure what they will do for you with an 06.
My struts went on my 06 a few months after the warranty was up, and the dealer just laughed at me. I wrote to the President of GM. It surprised the heck out of me to even get a reply, and they offered to replace one strut, but I had to buy the other. They would pay the labor. Not a bad deal. Again, the car was only maybe three/four years old at the time, so I am not sure writing the Pres now with your issue, would produce any results.

Back to your problem, these BCM should last longer that 67k miles. Heck I had almost 240k on my 00LeSabre. (dam , I still miss ignition points, distributors, carburetors, and single coils. Things were a lot easier to fix) Anyway, I have read about people with BCM problems, and their solution was to disconnect the battery over night, and the thing goes back into default mode...kinda like off the assembly line...and their problem resolved itself. It is much the same as you would reboot a home computer if it started freezing or acting up. I reset my parking assist feature like that once when it stopped working. The downside, you have to reset the radio settings, etc. It might be worth a try.
Good luck.
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LOL, I called Buick and they "promised to get back to me today"

That was tomorrow.

The problem is the car is at the dealer now...and most likely in pieces all over the shop.

I would not be surprised if all it needed was a reboot and they shorted it while playing with it.

I have a good mind to ask them to put it back together and I'll look into a mechanical mod to the pin myself.

What bothers me is they have no answer and just want to replace every thing associated with with the shift lock....the shifter, the soleniod and the BCM.

More than likely it is just a fuse with a hariline crack!
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Please keep me posted on your progress with the dealer. Feel free to contact me directly with any further questions. Thank you in advance.

Tricia, Buick Customer Service.


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Thanks, Tricia.

I just got the car back and everything seems okay.

GM was cooperative with the situation and made the cost manageable for me.

While I still can't wrap myself around the diagnosis at least they picked up some of the cost and it did not drive me to the poor house.

Thanks again.

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Sorry -- it took a while before I visited the Lucerne section and saw your post.

IMHO, they did not need to replace the BCM -- I'm convinced that was a CYA move. The "connection" of the car electronics and taking it out of Park is the lock solenoid, triggered by the brake pedal (to "release" the shift lever).

We had this problem on a 2002 Chevrolet when it was brand new. It stumped the dealer for several days until they thought to test the brake pedal release solenoid, and that was the culprit. They did not replace the BCM.

I'm not sure what you mean by "they made it affordable", but I would argue that they should only charge you an amount equivalent to the cost of replacing the brake solenoid.

I'm not aware that the BCM has to get involved in releasing the shift lever. Maybe a member with more experience can comment on that.

Glad you got the problem solved, but would hate to see you pay too much.


My 2006 Buick Lacerne was stuck in park. Lift the plastic cover on the top of the console. It will pry up with screwdriver.
It will not come off because the shift leaver is in the way. Just raise is enough to look down the right side. You will see
a slot with the selenoid pin at the back. Push in on the pin. Shift will release. don't put it back in park or the pin will reset and you will
have to depress the pin again. This will allow you to drive the car to a repair shop.


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Break to shift interlock failing or failed !
Common GM issue!

To defeat and shift car:
Turn ignition to on position. Do not start
Place gearshift in neutral. foot on brake
Start car and put in gear.

Will work with most GMs.
Sometimes there is a override button on some GM cars.
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