Sudden high oil consumption

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Hi all. I have a 2014 Regal 2.0 turbo (not a GS) with about 55K miles. I bought it used about 1.5 years ago with about 45K miles, and I don't know a lot about its history prior to my ownership. I only daily drive the car; no track days. When I purchased the car, it used about 1 qt of oil every 2500 miles (I have been running Mobil1 5-30). This usage rate has been getting a little worse over time, but over the last 400 miles it got a lot worse (it burned through 2 quarts). That said, the car seems to be running fine - no exhaust smoke that I have noticed, no leaking oil on the ground, no rough idle or other driveability issues. Seems to me that a few things could be going on. Ring or valve-train failure (hopefully not likely since car seems to be running fine?); leaking oil seal in turbo (but not seeing any oil leaks around turbo); or failed PCV system. I was thinking of starting with the PCV system. Anyone out there have any opinions on this? Looks to me that there are three PCV valves on the cam cover. Should I just replace them all? Anything I should look for that will help me determine whether one of more of them is clogged or otherwise not working? Is there any need for me to remove the cam cover to clean out any oil passages? Thanks to anyone who may be reading.​


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It's most likely a valve stem seal. I heard of these motors having this issue.

If it was a piston ring, you would be smoking out the tail under hard acceleration.


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If it is stem seals, it will smoke out of the exhaust under sudden deceleration. Have someone follow you at a safe distance with the engine fully warm. Put the transmission into 1st gear and accelerate briskly to about 4000 RPM, and then let off the gas suddenly and coast. Ask your observer if they see any blue tinged smoke. That would be valve seals.


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Another method to check for valve stem leaks, is to start the engine and let it idle for 10-min then accelerate to 3000K. If you have blue smoke out the exhaust, som ting wong!
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