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suspension upgrades 2015 Regal turbo


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2015 Buick Regal
Hey everyone! I bought a nice Buick Regal last week and I have been thinking about a little project. Kind of a poor man’s luxury/sport sedan build. My initial reaction is that the car is pretty sweet as is. It is a 2015 fwd, non-gs. I will be going with BNR for the tune(and whatever else he recommends) swapping for different rims, putting on dedicated summer tires, etc. Goal is to have a nice, clean, and more capable daily driver. One area I would like to improve is the sway bar. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything but a dorman oe. Ultra racing makes a bunch of chassis braces, which could be useful. I have searched and manually scrolled through most of this forum, as well as tried to find compatible parts from opel or the Malibu. But have not found much info. If anyone has the dorman sway bar, is it better than the factory unit?

Another option, but I am less inclined to go to far with it, is to try and lower the car. I don’t know much that, but would be open to suggestions for coil overs that allow for mild lowering.

Any other info would be appreciated and would love to see What others have done to their ltg regals. Or if anyone knows of other places to find info on this generation car, I believe I saw a fb page linked on here but haven’t been able to find it again.


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you asked about sway bars, the GS sway bar is different than the base, so you install the bar the bushings and the end links.


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The GS suspension is completely different from the none GS.
There is lots of info available online. It seems GM was proud if their work and wanted to tell about it.
It's not just the active shocks, the front end at least has different geometry.
The regular Regal T I traded in and this GS drive and handle like different cars.
I bet you would have to replace all the suspension parts with GS and go with coil-over shocks.


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The AWD Regal T has the same HiPer front suspension as the GS, except it doesn't have the adjustable struts. Seeing he has the FWD Regal, you are correct in stating that his front suspension is totally different.

To install coil overs he wouldn't have to replace the suspension on his car, they will bolt right on the existing Regal T suspension. But installing coil overs won't do much to decrease body roll, that's the job of the sway bar.
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