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Hello everyone, after blowing up the Regal GS forums and losing out on the sale which made me a "sad panda" 🐼 I have found another Buick which interests me. It's a CPO (Certified) Buick LaCrosse Premium with Dynamic Driver Packaging and it has a mere 15K miles on it.

I have heard rumors that the LaCrosse cars are not all that reliable and that if I were to go with a Buick is should be a Regal preferably a GS. I am just wondering what your opinions on the car are, and what issues you have had with yours and what I should look out for. Thanks in advance!

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We bought my wife's 2018 Lacrosse Premium 3 years ago with 14K miles. It now only has 27K miles on it but the car has been superb. The only issue was during the winter the CE light came on and was cleared by the dealer who said it was from snow interfering with the active grill shutters (which I didn't even know about). At that time they also replaced the battery under warranty which I didn't even know was bad, although the stop/start had stopped working about a year before. It now works again and I find it unobtrusive.

The car with the 3.6 is quiet, smooth and quick (Car and Recorded a 5.6 sec. 0-60 time with the 9 spd transmission). The tech has worked flawlessly so far. The car does not have factory Navigation but Google Maps and Spotify in Apple car play work great and there are no issues with phone pairing. The car is beautiful in and out and the seats are comfortable with adequate padding (which seems to be absent in many modern cars) but side bolstering is minimal so I wouldn't recommend very spirited driving around corners, although the car handles very well for a largish car. The best 25 mile fuel economy figure of 43 MPG on a trip according the the onboard computer is amazing although I must also add that around town in the winter that figure can be as low as 14 MPG.

This car came with the standard 8 speaker sound system and I upgraded the front and rear door speakers, kept the 2 rear panel subwoofers which had plenty of bass and covered the A pillar tweeters which I thought produced a "tinny" sound. The result was a great sound at least as good as some Bose systems we have had in the past.

However I did purchase an extended warranty from GM for a reasonable cost for an additional 4 years. The car does have some complicated systems and we plan on keeping it for a while.
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I have read the '17 and '18 models are more reliable. My '13 is AWD and I had to have the transmission rebuilt and a different transfer case installed. The transmission started failing not too long after I bought it and it had about 40k miles on it when I got it. Bearings went bad in the transmission. Other than that, it has been reliable. Not my favorite Buick that I have had by any means. Mine has struts, shocks and coil springs and is somewhat of a rough rider, but I have improved the ride some. It is not the quietest Buick I have had. Overall, it is okay. I kind of regard it as a utilitarian vehicle, a commuter, for work. On the weekends, I drive my old Park Avenue. In retrospect, I wish I had not bought an AWD and instead got the fwd touring with the magnetic ride control struts.