Thinking of getting a 16 LaCrosse Leather


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Hello all, I’m thinking of trading in my Cadillac DTS for a 16 LaCrosse Leather. I love the DTS it’s just that at 12 years old and 150K miles it’s starting to need repairs and if you know anything about Northstar Cadillacs you know it’s never anything cheap or easy! Anyway it’s either between a Certified 16 LaCrosse with about 20K miles or a certified 18 Impala with about 20K miles, I’ve driven both cars and really like them but I think I favor the LaCrosse a bit more. Most Impalas I’ve seen were ex rentals and I’m not sure how I feel about that plus the LaCrosse seems to be more well equipped. I’m looking for something that’s going to be reliable and last me about 6 years thought I’d come here and see what you guys thought, the 16 LaCrosse seems to be rated very highly by all the car websites


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I love my 2016 LaCrosse Leather, which I purchased new in December 2016. Now has 35,000 miles on it, and not a single problem to date. Only oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and replaced the cabin air filter on schedule. It is a great car - really solid and well built. Looks great, super comfortable and with the 3.6L motor, has lots of power and handles fine. Good luck with it.

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Nice choice. Have had ours what, 3 years now and no problems other than operator error. Need to rotate my tires also for 2nd time at a bit over 9K miles. Dealer had these free oil changes of which I only req'd 1. Didn't have the mileage on car but there was time constraints so I let them have at it.

Could of bought a Caddy but just not my style. In ME they seem to think they're the same lol, and you have money😆

It gets better, other car is a Boss Mustang and they all think it's a Shelby GT🙄
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