Thoughts on buying a 98 Riviera


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Hello Everyone!

I owned a 2003 lesabre for a couple of years, before rust got the rear spring perches and deflated my tires.

Now that I have moved to the west coast, where rust is no longer an issue and 25 year old cars look as good as new when I peer under them, I am back again considering buying another 3800 powered car.

I came across a mint Buick 1998 Riviera with ~100,000 miles and the seller is asking 5000 dollars. I would like to buy a car that I can keep for the next 10 years and wanted to get your thoughts on such a purchase. I can DIY most things and I'm wondering if y'all think these cars will appreciate and become future classics!

I nearly bought a 2002 BMW E39 540i but bailed at the last minute due to some suspension issues that came out in the test drive, so I'm back to looking for something simpler in a used old buick.


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Nice car but priced little high unless its supercharged. Also supercharged models have more of a chance of being future classics and more valuable. The car is also 25 yrs so expect to invest some money into it. If all looks good and agree on price I would jump on it.
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