Tire pressure sensor issue


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Code? If you are getting a tire pressure warning you can get it reset and see if it comes back provided the tire is at the correct pressure, drive the vehicle and it may turn off or TPMS wheel sensors can also loose the battery life which then would need to be replaced. If it's some other code what number or details.


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Oh, it needs to be reset, as the dealer I got it from put new tires on the rear. Maybe thats why??


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I bought a tire pressure sensor relearn tool and it works great for resetting the sensors.


Here's the procedure on how to reset the TPMS sensors using this tool from the owners manual:

1. Set the parking brake.

2. Turn the ignition to ON/RUN with the engine off or place the vehicle power mode in ON/RUN/ START. See Ignition Positions (Key Access) on page 9-15 or Ignition Positions (Keyless Access) on page 9-17.

3. Make sure the Tire Pressure info page option is turned on. The info pages on the DIC can be turned on and off through the Settings menu. See Driver Information Center (DIC) (Base Level Cluster) on page 5-33 or Driver Information Center (DIC) (Uplevel Cluster) on page 5-35.

4. Use the DIC controls on the right side of the steering wheel to scroll to the Tire Pressure screen under the DIC info page.

5. Press and hold the V (Set/ Reset) button located in the center of the DIC controls. The horn sounds twice to signal the receiver is in relearn mode and the TIRE LEARNING ACTIVE message displays on the DIC screen.

6. Start with the driver side front tire.

7. Place the relearn tool against the tire sidewall, near the valve stem. Then press the button to activate the TPMS sensor. A horn chirp confirms that the sensor identification code has been matched to this tire and wheel position.

8. Proceed to the passenger side front tire, and repeat the procedure in Step 7.

9. Proceed to the passenger side rear tire, and repeat the procedure in Step 7.

10. Proceed to the driver side rear tire, and repeat the procedure in Step 7. The horn sounds two times to indicate the sensor identification code has been matched to the driver side rear tire, and the TPMS sensor matching process is no longer active. The TIRE LEARNING ACTIVE message on the DIC display screen goes off.

11. Turn the ignition to LOCK/OFF or press STOP to turn the ignition off. Buick Regal Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada/Mexico- Black plate (55,1) 6081497) - 2014 - CRC 2nd Edition - 11/22/13 Vehicle Care 10-55

12. Set all four tires to the recommended air pressure level as indicated on the Tire and Loading Information label.


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TPMS sensors can save lots of grief by giving you a chance to stop in a safe place when a tire loses air.
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