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I have a used (~5k miles) front bumper for a 2019 TourX (380A paint code- Drive Me Grazy Metallic- photo for reference). I also have and can also include the fog light surround and metallic trim if so desired for a few bucks more. It comes complete with the lower grill assembly as well.

What's Wrong:
- it has a cladding delete. You would have to buy and reattach if you have wheel-well cladding on your car. Without cladding it has three holes on each side of the bumper that are typically covered by cladding.
- one clip was broken (and repaired) during removal. It will still functions as designed, just isn't pristine and could fail again in it's lifetime,especially if you bump something, like another car etc.

What's Great:
- very little stone or debris strikes on the cover (i think I counted two blemishes, smaller than the letter "e" on a laptop screen). I wouldn't hesitate to film it "as is" if I was keeping it. Very clean and it's been hand washed and waxed ONLY during it's lifetime. No automated machines or "scuff'n scratch" as I like to refer to them.
- well packaged and stored in factory box. It's going to stay in great shape until it finds a new home. No dust or garage contact in it's future.
- the box fits in the back of your TourX. The front seat needs to be leaned forward a bit, but it goes in and doesn't touch the ceiling, sides etc during transport.

I don't have the room and don't need a donor for my car, since it's a "daily" driver. I've swapped to the Insignia bumper and have that installed.
Just figuring in the new parts costs for a TourX bumper with factory paint on the low side ($1200), I'd willing to pay to get it to a new home.

Local pickup is the most likely option (NE Indianapolis), but I could ship it if you're willing to find transport for it.

The first $300 gets a great example that's ready for refit.

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