TourX, retirement, FIRE, and getting a bigger DIC


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Just announcing that I retired from my tech job in Aug 31st and will have plenty of time on my hands, so I’ll be chatting it up in various vehicular forums for cars I own. If anyone also want to talk about the FIRE movement and how to retire early (I did it at 55, but wish I knew about this earlier), I’m willing to share what I did. Finally, if anyone has ideas on what infotainment apps they’d like, I’m an ex software manager/developer and am diving into the GM SDK to add some much needed functionality to the infotainment system. My first thought is to replicate the multiple screens on the TourX DIC into 1 big screen in the infotainment system to show all the telemetry data at once. But first I have to figure out whether all that info is available to the SDK. If you have other ideas, I’m all ears.
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