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TourX Road Noise


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My 2018 is quiet and pleasant on blacktop roads, but concrete interstates are absolutely terrible. I believe I have the contisilent tires - they say "TPC Spec". Milled concrete is not as bad, but still much worse than tarmac.

Tires at spec pressure according to TPMS.

Essence trim, no pano roof.

I just got back from a 1200 mile road trip and I'm about to buy new tires. Anyone who drives on concrete roads have any recommendations?
I don’t recall anything bad - so I’d say they were fine on concrete roads but you may want to do some googling on these: for the past 15 years before my TourX, I ran Bridgestone Alenza H/L tires on my CUVs. I found them to be very quiet, and very reliable in wet, dry and snow. They are $70 off every other month at Costco. Worth a look. I think they have an 80,000 mile warranty these days. Rotate them, and they will take very good care of you.

I have found my stocker CS tires to also be fine thus far - 5k miles. Though they get terrible reviews on Tire Rack. It will be interesting to see how they hold up. If I end up looking at some other tires, you can bet those Bstones will be at the top of my list.


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Thanks for the advice & info. I had guessed that mine had the contisilent treatment because they are marked "TPC Spec". Tire Rack lists two versions of the tire, one generic, one "TPC Spec - ContiSilent".

But, no contisilent logo on mine, so I guess I have the ContiLoud version. Which, let me tell you, it sure as heck is. I have never been in a noisier vehicle short of a semi.

I'll pick up something likely at costco.


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2018 TourX
What's your car's build date? I have a 1/18 build with the same tires you have, and yeah, I think my tires could be quieter. I heard Continental had a problem supplying ContiSilents on time for the car's release so we with earlier builds have to suffer for a little.