For Sale TourX: Sports Tourer Conversion Parts


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I no longer have my TourX and need to sell the Opel Sports Tourer conversion parts I ordered from overseas. These the the genuine GM Opel parts for the vehicle. There are multiple threads on the forum showing the end results of these parts being installed. If possible I would like to sell everything at once. I am asking $1,000.00/shipped. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in these parts.
  • Rear Bumper Exhaust Molding: 39117536
  • Rear Bumper OPC SideSkirt R: 39112659
  • Rear Bumper OPC SideSkirt L: 39112658


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Regal TourX
Please see the eBay listing for some rare Opel parts to complete your Insignia conversion.

I see you haven't logged on in a month, but if you do and see this post contact me. I would like to buy these if they're still available.
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