Towing with 2019 Encore


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2019 Buick Encore
I realize the Encore is not rated for towing like the Enclave or Envision, but am wondering if it would be possible to affix a hitch to tow a 500-1,000 lbs teardrop or popup trailer (since the Encore's max payload is 1,018 lbs). I've found hitches like this one and this one online, which makes me think light towing of less than 1,000 lbs should be possible, but I don't know how significant the risks of damaging the vehicle would be, let alone how it may affect insurance or warranty. Apologies if there's something obvious I'm overlooking, I'm only really familiar with attaching bicycle and roof racks. Any help or advice much appreciated!


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They make hitches for vehicles like this to attach bike racks and cargo trays. Even if you find a teardrop trailer at less than 1000# what many people don't consider is wind drag. Even a tear drop trailer will have some drag. That's hard on that little transmission and hard on the engine's cooling system. You will likely dramatically shorten the life of the transmission. The other consideration is the weight of the trailer bouncing on the road and the strain that puts on the suspension in ways it was not designed for.


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Referencing to the Vauxall Mokka from Europe for towing is not recommended since those specs are tied to the diesel version and manual transmission.
From what I read it was all about trailer brakes though the diesel would make more sense.
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