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Trade War will hurt Buick?


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Will Trumps Trade Tariffs hurt Buick? I would think so especially with Buick's large presence in China and with Buick mirroring Germany's Opel. I think ALL U.S. car manufacturers will be hurt even the foreign brands being built here.

Sal Collaziano

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None right now


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The same thing is actively happening with Harley Davidson which ironically was one of the companies that was originally praised.


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The immediate and obvious pain for Buick and its US customers lies with the Envision and a possibility of $8K more baked into its MSRP since it's imported from China. The Cascada and Regals could also be affected as they come from Poland and Germany, respectively. Not as sure about the effect on the South Korean-built Encore but the trade war will affect everyone making and selling vehicles here, as napacruzergs wrote.

A Buick SUV May Cost an Extra $8,000 After Trump's China Tariffs


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I think it might hurt Buick at the beginning, but the tariffs and those policies will be modified in short order to reflect today's economical world.

President trump will sooner or later realize for some things it's too late. But I don't blame him for trying. We all want what's best for our Families and our Households. That's why we have locks on the doors and don't want just anyone to walk into our houses with out being invited.


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There is nothing happening to usa built motorcycles, built here sold here. Built off shore, sold off shore.
No need to bash Harley they are trying to offset 32 percent tariffs. Which adds approx $2000 to the motorcycle built here and sold off shore. In the meanwhile Harley will absorb the cost and not pass it on to the dealer or consumer.
These facts can be checked ask your dealer he/she received correspondence from Harley about this.
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