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No one can do these! Mine are broken! Help! I have a 2004 Buick Lesabre and the trunk torsion bar snapped. I have the bars and the instructions. I cannot handle it. The dealer cannot handle it, The trunk lid weighs alot. Where can I get this done In Rhode Island? I cannot believe this is so hard to do.


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Go to a regular automotive repair shop. I find it hard to believe nobody would do this repair.


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A full service body shop because of the possible alignment which may be required after pulling out the hinge brackets. Few service only shops are able to do body type alignments, not saying all, but you don't need to have any additional problems later.


have you tried a local body repair shop?
Yes HAve tried many they laugh at me lol. These bars are set up like no other the hinges are separate and you have to take out back seat and rear dash to get the hinges out, That easy enough. But setting up the hinges with the new rods are next to impossible. when you set up one side the other pops out from the torque. So I am Building a tool that will hold both hinges still while doing this. It will be attached to the hinges after the trunk lid is removed. It will hold them in the exact place they came out of. This will allow you to take out both hinges as one unit, then Fasten the set up to a bench and install the rods. Tool will be made from 1/4 thick steel 4ft long and in three pieces to give overall coverage of hinges to hold them in place. Once rods are installed the unit will then be reattatched under the back dash. Then remove the bracket tool and install trunk lid. This tool will make this job possible with ease. I give this tool A high success rate. and will up date when its complete. Will probably make video and post it. I have read about alot of others that have had this issue and still cannot do this job.

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Hello G-638212,
Do you have an update or video of your experience with replacing the deck lid torsion bars (rods) on your Buick?
I have a 2004 Lesabre with the same problem. I can "pull" used parts to replace and that will be a chore in itself!
Please let me know. Thanks.

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Same dilemma... but on mine it was one of the brackets that snapped.. part of it is attached to the end of the torsion bar..
I'm going to employ an alternative solution by removing the entire remaining torsion bar/bracket assembly, and install trunk struts instead..

Got the idea from the following link.. a '69 Camaro conversion to struts.. They have a similar trunk hinge design, so it IS a viable option.. and he gives the website where he got the parts.

Pretty Inexpensive to get the parts there, compared to kits sold by other places..

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