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Turbo life?


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I either suck at the search function or it wasn't posted. What is the average lifespan of the turbo in our Regals? How much to replace? Any larger turbo options if mine ever needed replaced? Thanks in advance for civil posts.


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I dont think there is any official method of keeping track of the average life span of any part. The turbo for a 2011 is still available from GM and is about $1,100 for the part.


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2011 Regal 2.0 Turbo, 6 Speed stick, BNR tune, Black on Black.
I just did mine at 65000 miles and 7 years old. I bought it using the factory part which I found for $630. Watch out for the chinese clone versions, stay away. They are in the $300s each and do not have the Borg Warner blue metal tag.
ZZP has them for $700, they are a very reputable performance business. They also have upgrades.
I used a performance upgrade bearing in my new turbo from Turbo Lab. This was to support the extra boost from my aftermarket tune.
If you install it your self be ready for a slog. I am a pretty accomplished amateur and it was still a bit of trouble. The turbocharger is in a tough spot behind the engine and changing it requires removing the cat/ downpipe.
Mine had stuck nuts at the turbo and rusted ones at the catalyst bottom fixture. They took oxy-acetylene heat to remove. If you do not have a 2 gas kit it may possibly be done with a nut splitter or map gas, but That's questionable.
OTOH the results are spectacular. So, the results are super rewarding.


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I just swapped out my stock turbo for a Z54, at the same time i did a tune. Stock turbo was still fine at 120k. The car pulls hard with the Z54. X2 on the rusted nut removal, the ones on converter were nasty. I used map gas and grinder.
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