turn signals do not flash when stalk is engaged, but hazzards do flash when engaged


I have a 1990 Buick Electra Park Ave. Recently the turn signals stopped workig when stalk is engaged. it does not make a sound or lights do not flash. i thought it might be the flasher control under the dash that makes the clicking sound whenever you push your stalk left or right. well I engaged the hazzard switch on my column and the lights started flashing both on the indicators inside and all the around the outside of the car. also the clicking sound of the flasher was audible; so i guess thats not the problem. Next I checked the fuses and the one for the turn signals 15amp was still good. now im stuck. I wonder if it could be the actual turn signal stalk that may need to be replaced? If someone has come across a similar issue and can advise me please do so, and thank you.


Buick Newbie
Yes, the emergency flasher is a separate flasher that the indicator flasher. G-154843 stated in the post that the emergency flashers work. THAT is why I suggested the indicator flasher be checked.
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