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Unverified Email Address Message


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2020 Enclave
I just purchased a 2020 Buick Enclave last month and I have an Onstar subscription in place. When I first start the car I occasionally get a message on the Intellilink system indicating an "Unverified Email Address" (that's not the exact verbiage but I'll write it down next time I get the message). I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this message and if so, what did you do about it? I saw no such message on my 2018 Enclave so I'm assuming it might have something to do with the new functions and features of the Intellilink system.


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Is your phone paired with the vehicle?
If so look through email addresses that you have entered on your phone that may be incorrectly formatted.


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I haven't had that message come up but you can also just press the blue Onstar button and ask them. I could also be related to the My Buick app if it is installed in the Intellilink.
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