Vanity mirror flaps already broken after 2 years


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Same here. Just picked up a 2014 2.0, with driver's side mirror flap broken, but the dealer is replacing it. Maybe a little lube of some type to take the stress off the plastic hinge.


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All I can say is, most of those parts were outsourced to some other global source. :sad:


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Just picked up a low mileage 2012, 2 issues that need to be taken care of: Driver's vanity flap, and the trunk release under the emblem.

Thankfully, I shave my head and I'm unattractive so I won't really need the mirror for much, the trunk release would be handy though.


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my drivers visor just broker- i was dumb tho and slammed the cover closed when i was done with the mirror and it went splunk. went to ebay and got one for $25 shipped. When it arrived, the clips on the bracket were cracked off- it would still work perfectly, but i was a little peeved that they didnt mention it. i emailed them and they apologized profusely, told me to toss the one they sent and are sending me another one that is "perfect". We'll see. if the problem is this prevalent, i'll hang onto the other one too.


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Same here, both visor mirrors, 2014. Beyond frustrating. Not only do they look like garbage when the visor is down because the hinge is broken off, but at night the lights won't come on without the hinge. It makes me feel like I'm driving a cheap piece of junk. Out of bumper to bumper coverage, but I'm going to reach out to customer care regardless to see if they can help at all. It's a shame for something like this to break for no apparent reason other than faulty engineering.

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Mine broke 2 weeks ago. I was sitting in the car after just pulling into the garage. I don't think I ever opened the passenger side vanity mirror before in the 3 years I owned the car.

I flipped open the driver's side and then the passenger side and the dang flap came off in my hand. I took it to the Buick store and they said they would have to replace the entire visor. I wait a week for the part to come in and the box is labelled wrong. The P/S box contained the D/S visor. I am told the correct part would be over-nighted and I should come in the next day. I say I have commitments and they offered to install it at my house after hours. I said no worries, it's not life-threatening. The S/A was super apologetic and promised to get it right. They did a week later when I had time to bring it in.

Very poor design IMHO.
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