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Neither one of us liked the yellow color of the sun visor vanity mirror, so I went on a search for a whiter, brighter LED upgrade.

The first thing I found was that the Encore uses those goofy little 3AG festoon bulbs from the factory, and the last time I saw those was in my 70's era Marantz Stereo. They are hard to find even in the original form, let alone a LED bulb.

My search turned up only one. I did see one from China, but didn't want to wait for it to be shipped.

100_1262 (Medium).jpg You can see where I got it from in the picture. Along with the new bulb, original bulb, and the lens.

To remove the lens, pry with your plastic tool from the short, rounder side only. Don't try to remove the opaque white lens. It doesn't come apart that way. Put the lens back in by the long side first and snap it in.

100_1265 (Medium).JPG The color is a nice daylight white and much brighter.

Total time to change them. Maybe one minute. Cost, 12 bucks shipped. Order the 12 volt version.

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I did the same on my encore as well and its looks really nice and super bright. I have about 4-5 leds on each bulb which is crazy when they turn on. ill post up some pics of all the light upgrades so you guys can see.
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