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Velcro Extender


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After I got the car I made a crude extension to the velcro strips that hold the first aid kit in order to handle my slightly larger box for this first aid kit. It worked but didn't look the greatest (I stuck two pieces of velcro together so the "hooks" were on one side and the "loops" were on the other side - biggest problem was the Velcro I had was white rather than black). I figured I was not the first one who needed this so I used the power of Google and I found Velcro makes something called "One Wrap" that is a strip with "hooks" on one side and "loops" on the other. It comes in varying length and widths. It seems that 3/4 inch width matches up with the straps in the car and black matches the color of the straps. Available in craft shops and, of course, via Amazon and eBay.

This is the Velcro "One Wrap" in action:
Velcro One Wrap.jpg

This is my previous home-made Velcro extension:
Velcro Extender First Try.jpg

And, before you ask, yes I am OCD.

Looking at these photos, I wonder if the 1 inch would match up better . . .
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