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I live out in the desert so AC is very important to our daily life. I own a 2013 Verano that is a little over 5 years with around 58K miles on it. The AC compressor and clutch died on it. Took it to dealer here in town to find out it was a $1250 repair - thanks to my extended warranty via Allstate Care Car my deductible was only $100 - I'm glad the dealer talked me into it - it has basically payed for itself. The Dealer said they were a good company to work with.

Has anyone else seen there AC go out already?

My wives car a 2006 Saturn Ion Quad Coupe that has 107K miles on it (daily commuter) is still churning out cold air - knock wood for that one.



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It could be your Verano simply received a faulty compressor. Is your car a Turbo model, which generates much higher underhood temperatures than the 2.4L? If so, that may partially account for the compressor's short life, combined with the air temps Arizona sees annually.

The HVAC systems in my former Ions (traded my '06 in with 126K on the clock) never gave me an issue and as a rule, I've always been satisfied with the stoutness of GM's HVAC systems but I've never lived in Arizona.