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Verano Bath Day


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Sustaining Member
St. Louis, Missouri
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2015 Buick Verano Turbo
Our January Thaw came a few weeks late this year, so I took advantage of temperatures in the 60s today to rid my car of the road salt it accumulated since mid-November. Most of the other customers at the car wash treated today like it was the end of April or start of May. I didn't even bother vacuuming my car's interior; I know it's going to get cold and likely snow or sleet again before spring truly arrives.

The alloy wheels seem to have survived winter so far, but the hood, no surprise, has taken more hits than I knew about. I may have it reshot later this year. New tires and a battery are also on the to-do list for 2019.

We've had ~22" of snow so far this season, a lot for this town after two consecutive winters of less than 6". I took the photo this afternoon, moments after arriving home from the DIY car wash I occasionally use.

On another note, I learned something about the OnStar app's remote locking system; it doesn't function when the temps are near or below zero F. Between Jan. 27 and 31, I wasn't able to lock my car via the app, update the mileage or verify its parked location, regardless of how far away it was parked from me. The OnStar rep wasn't any help after I called to find out why.

I still love my Verano; it's the best car I've ever owned.


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