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Verano Mods Sticky?


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I have seen this on other forums/boards before and thought maybe it would be a worthwhile sticky to add. It might cut down on some of the repeat posts (like some of mine, I admit). It could cover items such as engine/turbo, intake, exhaust, lighting (interior and exterior), audio, suspension, etc. It could offer "best recommendations" or some other type of rating system to suggest how easy or hard a mod may be. Anyone else interested in this or think this is a good idea? Worst case is, I could put a simple website together and collect the info off-site.

Open to ideas.
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I start it out.

Here are pictures of the stock Turbo intake between the turbo and the airbox. It necks down from about 3" to almost half. My duct taped together beta 3" intake along side of it with straighter bends.