Verano Strut Bar and Cold Air Intake?


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I own a 2012 Buick Verano, trying to install a cold air intake, and a strut bar for better driving. Has anyone done either of these? If so, what did you use/buy and what are the plus and minus of them? thanks!


I didn't run a CAI in my 2012 2.4L verano but I did run a K&N air filter in it. In the low rpm ranges, the engine was a bit more responsive and in the mid to high rpm ranges I experienced what I would say is a bit more power from about 60-100. It wasn't a lot of performance but enough to notice and for $55 bucks I wasn't too disappointed.


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Hopefully trying to revive an old thread, but I think it would be awesome if someone posted a list of interchangable parts between the Verano and the Cruze/Excelle/etc.


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Even if such a lists exists, I wouldn't think it is long. The Cruze and Verano did not share many parts - platform, suspension basics, one of two automatic transmissions (6T40), the manual transmission (F40-6), the rearview mirror and maybe the stereo head unit and the rear window?

They used different engines, body panels, wheels and interiors. and the 6T50 was Verano-specific for the Premium trim.


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CAI is not worth it on the 2.4 and even the 2.0t can lose power from a CAI.
Someone familiar with the ECM TCM and this specific car can wake it up with a good custom tune. But that means they would need a rolling road to dial it in.

There is tons of power on the table still available down low and in the mid range in the 2.4, but a generic tune might not get most of it due to driveability tuning.

I tuned my brother's 2.4, but took me many driving sessions to smooth things out.
You need controllable power with smooth transitions from different throttle inputs.
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