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I took my car in a total of 5 times all for the same reason. chamshaft,timing chain, oil consumption. The list goes on I am now experiencing stall where the dashboard stays on but the engine shuts off. I am over this car I brought it used never again will I buy a Buick used. I never had these many problems with my dodge that I brought used. This car is a lemon in less then two years my car has been in the shop back to back. I brought it in 2016 with 24,000 miles and it’s a 2012. Now my car shut off when I was on the expressway. This car is dangerous and I could have been hit my a semi truck anything could have happen. I took the car in the shop as of today. Stay away from this car. I’m not sure if everyone has had issues with these same things that Buick would have recall the vehicle or found the issue to the problem and recalled it. Signed a not happy person trading this car in.


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2013 Verano Premium (2.0T, AT)
Out of curiosity, how many miles are now on the car?
Did these problems start occurring immediately in 2016 when you purchased it?

The problems you listed have been known occurrences with the 2.4L, but I don't think they are necessarily widespread, and definitely not occurring with every Verano made.

From my own experience and from what appears to be mostly favorable feedback from most Verano owners, I think you may have unfortunately ended up with a "lemon". It can happen, but does not mean that every Verano is a lemon or that problematic.

Sometimes "stuff" happens, dump the car and move on, life is too short to let it get to you.
It's just a car after all....
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