Vibrations in cabin when in drive but stopped


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While in Drive and stopped, I feel a constant noticeable vibration in my seat/interior. It isn't violent or teeth chattering by any means, but the vibration is more pronounced/heightened while in Drive and stopped. While in Park, Reverse, or Neutral, the in cabin vibrations are little to none. I have not noticed any misfires or any issues actually driving the car.

Not sure if its a mount, spark plugs, me being overly sensitive, or what.

Also not sure if it has anything to do with the car wanting to 'lurch' forward when shifting to drive from a cold start (unless I sit in Park for 30-45 seconds before shifting into drive).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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I always wait until my tach has gone down to 7-800 RPM before putting the car in gear in either drive or reverse. That prevents the lurch you mentioned.