Wanted: Center Tail Light Section 03 LS


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Don't you guys have any u pick it - u pull it type junk yards in your area? Something like that would run at most $50 from the one near my house. If I get a chance to visit it on Fri or Sat of this week I will look for one

Roadmaster yea i'm from Jefferson hills , you go to TJ or WM ?

Neither. Work transferred me there for 2 years. We almost bought one of those 2 HUGE homes in Castle Shannon on the main drag, but you could see daylight through the roof of both. So we went a little further down 51 (?) and up Old Clariton Rd. Little subdivision on Toura Drive. Beautiful view but my back yard had a 60 foot dropoff to the forest floor.

Do yinz have ANY flat land there at all? In 2 years I went through 2 sets of rotors ... those hills are murder on brakes.

And traffic lights are a scream! People love to jump at a light and turn left in front of traffic.

Beautiful city, and next time I'm there maybe we can meet up at Primanti Bros for a sandwich.


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LOL as a matter of fact I have a flat lot , 150 x 150 however I do live up on a hill . You are right about the rotors,any time I do brakes I do rotors same time its a given. I see your from Michigan you work any of the big 3 ?
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