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Warranty bumper to bumper expiring


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regal premium 1 2015
Hey guys i got my warranty of my 2015 regal expiring March 1st, any recommendations on what to check for?



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2014 Regal 2.0 Turbo AWD Trifecta Tune
I had a rear wheel bearing go out on my car and my wife did too on her 2014 Regal. It seems many other Regal owners have also had this problem. So you might want to listen carefully with the radio off at highway speed for a low humming sound from the rear. Eventually it got so loud on both our cars that we could hear it with the radio playing.

Also my wife's car has a rubbing sound when she turns the steering wheel when maneuvering the car at low speed. We have an appointment at the dealer next week to have it checked out so I don't know the cause yet. I think there's a problem with the steering column shaft because I know that many GM vehicles have this issue. So I suggest you listen for that too.


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Start reading up on the TSB for your vehicle and see if any of the symptoms are noticeable and apply to your model. Most TSB have to be brought up to the attention of the service dealer and will have a warranty coverage statement included if it is. The TSB will have the top statement of "If the customer notices a problem with....." which means that you have to bring it to there attention, just another resource to check.