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Water Leaks Should Be No More!


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2005 Buick Lacrosse
Hello my fellow buick enthusiasts, my water leak issue during downpours and steady rain should be eliminated for good! I went ahead and bought weatherstrippping in great shape for my drivers front door, it fit like a glove! Now here's the tricky part: I realized that after relentlessly replacing seal after seal that it was NOT the rubber itself that was bad. The door striker plate needed minimal adjustment but boy this was a tedious job. I managed to get it loosened enough and i gently slid it inwards by maybe a few millimeters, tightened it down, i also checked the door for proper alignment and that it was nearly flush with the rear door, lol i did my best and with keen eyes i got it as good as i could! It took awhile of just moving the striker plate around some, then i closed the door, feeling for air tightness and at last i did a water leak test. I poured a pitcher of water directly over the door and let run down the edges and i opened the door to see virtually no water traces at all! The real test is when we get a nice heavy rain and that'll determine if it will stay dry inside! I'll keep you guys posted on my findings!
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